The history of Flags Group

Flags Group has been in the flag-making business for more than 30 years.

In 1986, Shane Brown bought into a small flag business and set up shop as House and National Flags. From Shane selling and sewing all flags by hand out the back of the Grey Lynn, Auckland shop, the family business (and the family) began to grow. From the early 2000s onwards, House and National Flags joined forces with Flags International, Flag Signs and Blue Grass Flags to become Flagz Group and now Flags Group, the industry leader it is today.

With a dedicated tight-knit team of true flag experts (some of whom started off in the original shop) and Shane at the helm, Flags Group has grown to become New Zealand’s most trusted flag manufacturer synonymous with quality in materials, products and service.

About the plant:

Flags Group’s Auckland plant is at the cutting edge, combining decades of flag-making expertise with the latest technologies and techniques. A complete service offering, everything from sales to design, printing to finishing, packing to shipping is all done from the one location. This ensures a quality product with cost benefits for clients, and the ability to meet both unique requirements and tight deadlines.

As early adopters of large-format digital fabric printing technology, Flags Group has a suite of digital printers in its Auckland plant for perfect prints. Digital printing offers richly saturated, full-colour, double-sided images printed direct to fabric with runs as small as one flag. The Auckland plant also houses screen printing facilities for high colour density larger scale print runs.  

About the materials:

Flags Group uses only the highest quality fabrics, ink and hardware. All products are sewn, finished and assembled in the Auckland plant, undergoing rigorous quality control checks before they are shipped out. Flagz Group uses only water based vegetable dyes with a focus on sustainability.

Unable to find a suitable high-quality fabric, Flags Group has worked closely with knitting mills around the world to develop and patent specialised fabrics for both digital and screen printing. The fabrics are the product of a unique understanding of the substrate specifications needed to achieve vibrant, clear images when coupled with New Zealand’s high UV levels and extreme outdoor conditions. The result is a range of fabrics that have  deep colour penetration with minimal colour variation between the printed and reverse sides. Further, the fabric is shown to last up to 50% longer in New Zealand’s unyielding sunlight conditions.

While marketed and sold to digital printer operators worldwide, Flagz Group has retained exclusivity in New Zealand and Australia. For all fabric enquiries see...

These highly-engineered fabrics, in combination with a robust manufacturing process, is what makes Flags Group flags stand the test of time regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.


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